Monday, December 6, 2010

Much Ado

Just back from the dreaded hysteroscopy. A lot of bark and just a little bite. Much less scar tissue this time -- my RE was pleasantly surprised by what she saw -- which made the pain far less intense. Of course there are still some adhesions remaining (though the uterus is not sealed shut entirely -- take that, crazy progesterone dreams), so I'm OR bound once again. I opted to wait until after the holidays. Because seriously, I need a little Christmas -- especially H's first outside the womb -- without an obstetric or gynecological emergency.

What was a little more interesting was the brief conversation I had with my doctor after the procedure. I asked whether it was crazy to pursue another pregnancy given the complication of the scar tissue and what she'd said around my last surgery about increased risk for placenta problems following a bout with Asherman's. She definitely does not think it's crazy, but she did calculate my risk of placenta accreta at about 5-10%. The treatment for this condition is often hysterectomy during c-section. So 5-10%? Is a pause-and-take-notice kind of calculation.

She also dropped these word bombs: gestational carrier. Now I've been through a lot of gynecological mumbo-jumbo and had a lot of surprising, and often unpleasant, word combos tossed at me over the past several years. Polycystic ovaries. Fetal demise. Placenta previa. So I've learned to be on the lookout for terms that might be heaved my way in advance. But this term caught me off guard today. It's one I've never considered.

Another person could carry a baby for me. She could do the work of growing my little (genetically ours) human while I exercise, drink wine and coffee, and generally go about my days without worrying about every little thing I do. Even better and more importantly, she could relieve the fear of something going seriously wrong with my body -- something that could necessitate the removal of a major organ.

It's got me scratching my head a bit, and wondering how much it would bother me to have another woman linked to my child in that way. But it's something to consider.


Roccie said...



Now that is a bomb.

Does 5-10% warrant this change?

What are your thoughts? How are you feeling?

It has been rattling around my head lately too.

Trinity said...

Glad to hear the hysteroscopy was less bitey than anticpated, and very relieved to hear that the scar tissue was less monstrous than feared. I can imagine your dumbfoundedness when the words "placenta accreta" and then "gestational carrier" landed in your lap. Wowwowwow.

Hope this break for the holidays and your first Christmas with H (yay!) give you some clarity in all of this mess... Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the procedure was not as painful as you had feared.

Wow. Talk about a bombshell. I assume that your doc is like my doc and wouldn't toss the words "gestational carrier" around idly. And I know if my doc said something like that to me, you can bet I would be sitting up and paying attention. That is a LOT to think about. I'm glad you only have to tackle it all after Christmas. Enjoy your time with your lovely boy.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I can imagine how surprising it was to hear those words "gestational carrier". That is definitely a lot to think about. I'm sorry that you have to have surgery again.

anofferingoflove said...

wow..thats a game changer & a lot to think about! best of luck as you navigate the options!

glad to hear the procedure wasn't too bad. ugh... i so am not looking forward to going back to the ob/gyn ever, ive had enough poking for a lifetime! ;)

Amanda said...

That sounds a (HUGE) bit hasty to me.

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