Sunday, December 5, 2010

Send Me a Bullet to Bite on

Office hysteroscopy tomorrow. The follow-up from my surgery in October, to see the extent of the uterine adhesions remaining.

Of all the poking, prodding and procedures, this one is, by far, the worst for me. Because when you actually have scar tissue in there, that hysteroscope trying to get through it feels just like an instrument trying to get through scar tissue. Which is to say, it hurts like hell. I'd rather have a week of pitocin-induced contractions than this procedure again tomorrow -- no joke. They tell you to take 2-3 Advil prior to coming in, which IS a joke. I've half seriously thought of carrying something with me that I can bite on while it's happening.

Any other advice for dealing with the pain?

Oh, and while I was on progesterone the other week -- because I always have vivid, messed up dreams while on it -- I dreamed that my uterus was glued shut entirely by one huge adhesion.

I hope my clearly disturbed subconscious is wrong.


Roccie said...

Holy crap. Is that the test that hurts like a mofo? The one where they shoot dye through you?

Merciful heaven, I hope not. Holy cow, that HURT.

I hope you get some good information.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I tried to comment last night, but I can't comment from my phone. I was going to ask if you can insist on something stronger for the pain and anxiety?

I just read your update and it sounds like it went much better than expected, but still, the anxiety about anticipating the pain is almost as bad as the pain itself.

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