Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Holiday Down the Toilet

In the fine tradition of the past few months, I'm spending another holiday in the bathroom.

Not that we had any Valentine's Day plans anyway. So, why not?

Stomach bug and/or food poisoning has hit our house. Woke up at 3 a.m. Sunday morning to find husband in downstairs bathroom. Was actually annoyed (I know -- I'm not winning any wife of the year contest) that he was getting sick, since we had things to do! People to see! that day. Until I started feeling the nausea about an hour later. And then the diarrhea. And then the body aches and chills -- and then, oh, woe to me, I threw up, which is like the Worst. Possible. Thing that can ever happen to me. Still so sick today. Thank Gd for my parents, who came yesterday to pick up H for the night. Although I felt like the worst mother ever -- shouldn't I be able to overcome my own complaints for his sake? -- it was a lifesaver as neither of his parents was equipped to take care of anyone.

Meanwhile, H seems to be having "loose" GI action as well. It's confusing with him, because a) I'm pretty convinced that what husband and I have is food poisoning, since it's hard to think of what we ate on Saturday night without feeling the need to run to the toilet; and b) we just started him on milk last week, so I was aware that this might happen, especially since he does seem to have digestive issues when he has a large volume of yogurt and cheese.

The milk switch thing has been fairly rocky, and I'd love any helpful hints. Our pediatrician recommended switching to a cup (as in giving up the bottle completely) at the same time that we gave him the cow's milk (which we started last Tuesday). That was pretty much a non-starter. He'd drink a few sips, make a face and push it away. Even though he's been drinking water and formula from a cup for months now, and even though, we've since learned, he will take the milk in a bottle. Any negotiation tips on that front? And as far as the GI issues, my understanding is that they can come on several days after starting the milk (which they have), but usually resolve within 1-2 weeks. Should we just continue to watch it (as if we have any choice), especially given that we also possibly have a GI virus in the house?

Praying that we all are spending less time in the bathroom tomorrow, and that the next holiday (St. Patty's Day?) will please be GI-disturbance free.


Anonymous said...

Oh no Egg! Not another intestinal problem! I hope you guys are feeling better soon.

I'm not much help in the milk area. We just now are getting Birdie to drink milk with any regularity from a sippy cup. We tried both organic whole milk and lact aid, and it seemed to me that she was having problems (intestinally and sleep wise) with the regular milk, so we have stuck with the lact aid for now. For us it was a very slow process. I wasted a ton of milk in sippy cups that she completely ignored for weeks. Then she would take a sip and spit it out. Then a week or so later she would take a sip and not spit it out. Now she will actually drink an ounce or so once or twice a day. I know that seems silly, but it is a major improvement for us.

Since he is okay with formula, could you try a mixture, gradually increasing the milk part of the ratio?
Good luck!

Celia said...

Hmm, Peter REFUSES a sippy cup and only wants to drink water from a pint glass. He has not gotten any milk to drink yet though I have cooked with it for him. Could you maybe sell him on a smoothie with frozen banana? Does he have to drink milk? You can give him yogurt and cheese and broccoli, they all have calcium and then he could drink water.

We are intestinal twins, my sister had to come yesterday and take care of Peter for the morning since I was busy in the bathroom. yum.

Jamie said...

Oh, my! I can't believe how much you have been through this year and it is only the middle of February. I hope you are all on the mend soon. Don't feel like the worst mother on the planet - there was a day last week when I got terribly nauseated and started to throw up and it was just me & Skeeter at home. It didn't last long but until my head stopped swimming, I let him sit in front of the TV with a bag of Cheetos. I can't even think of a word to describe how happy he was.

Our pedi told us the same thing - straight switch to milk when we moved to the sippy cup. I tried and tried but Skeeter wouldn't have any of it so I finally started giving him a mix of milk and formula, gradually weaning the formula out. It only took about two weeks and then we were done with formula. Yay!

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