Monday, April 27, 2015

If Only It Were This Easy

I just got an email from Target with this subject line:

Baby Sale at Target

Are babies for sale? Because I am definitely interested, and -- in contrast to the Lilly Pulitzer offering -- I would actually line up for this.

In real life, things are a little tricky. We may have found a surrogate, but every step feels precarious.


Turia said...

Every step forward is progress.

Keeping everything crossed for you that this works out.

Caroline said...

You're so witty. I love it.

Don't love that it has to be this hard to grow your family. holding my breath that things go smoothly with the surrogate possibility.


Brianna said...

Things are definitely tricky in real life. Fingers crossed that who you have found is THE ONE and that things eventually don't feel quite so precarious. Hugs.

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