Thursday, July 23, 2015

Foiled Again.

Have you ever wondered if you're cursed? If you kicked dogs in a past life? If someone is trying to tell you to stop, just stop, for the love of grace, stop?

We got so far this time. So far. She came out with her husband in June. Things looked just ducky with her medically. We liked them both personally. Then the psychologist came in for that screening and fucked everything up.

The main issue was around the possibility of termination. This is such a deeply personal, not to mention politically charged issue, and I cannot handle the possibility of this post turning into a commentary on that, because I deeply respect the nuances of this issue. But here's what I will say. If you're thinking about surrogacy, make sure you know exactly where your potential surrogate stands on this issue. Moreover -- and here's what we didn't know -- make sure that, even if you feel with 100% certainty that you would never, ever terminate, no matter what, even if someone's life depended on it, make sure your surrogate is willing to give you the final word on it in your contract. Even if you agree in theory going in, the final word should optimally be yours, because you can't predict how you might feel in the moment, if a doctor tells you your child might suffer. And also, you need to know that even if she says in her contract that it is completely up to you, that she would terminate at your request for any reason, to choose surrogacy is to revoke the certainty that you can make that decision about your baby. Because even if she gives you the power to decide in your contract, in fact there is no court in this great land that can make someone terminate a pregnancy. In the one devastating case out there in the news, the surrogate said she was open to terminate, but then changed her mind when the fetus was diagnosed with a severe syndrome. And it just gets sadder from there.

I wish I had known all of this. Even though the surrogate and I were on the same page up to 99% of the matter, it turned out there was a gray area where my husband and I were a bit more liberal. Where we wanted the reassurance that ultimately, that would be our own decision to make.

I would have known this if I had used an agency. And I would have used an agency if money were no object. But it is an object.

Basically the psychologist handled this issue very, very badly, and I think that was a greater obstacle than anything else. The beginning of the end. Her unprofessional and glib approach created an air of defensiveness and distrust among the four of us that we never recovered from. And as an aside, I now need somehow handle her $700 invoice when she may have ruined my chances of having another baby.

That wasn't the only thing that happened. The surrogate got nervous after that conversation, but we always felt better when we talked about it openly. Then our financial picture changed a bit. My husband had been doing extra work to fund this operation and that got shut down unexpectedly early. So we were on hold for about a week sorting through that obstacle. And then the surrogate complained that she didn't want to use a lawyer for her contract review that my lawyer recommended, and it felt like maybe she was going to push back on everything. And our communication started to break down. And then last night, she dropped the bomb on me via email at 10 p.m. She is out. I think she is not used to this kind of complication when it comes to making a baby, and it terrified her.

And now I need to figure out how to live in a world where I have embryos that never see the light of day. Because I think I'm finally, finally seeing that this is never going to happen.


My Vegas said...

I'm so sorry. Yes, definitely a tough topic , and I thank you for sharing.
I have to say that I fully support anyone 's decision on this matter. It is private but I never even thought how complicated it gets with surrogacy.
I am still keeping you in my daily thoughts and meditations.

Holly said...

This makes me cringe. We went through the process with a friend. She volunteered and I sent her the longest email I could entailing all the junk that goes into it because I was sure it would scare here off. I didn't even realize how intense the "contract" is and the lawyer stuff. I'm so sorry :( You have the embryos, you have the desire, there has got to be another person that will surface? It's still so incredibly heartbreaking and frustrating. <3

Unknown said...

This sucks. I am so sorry to hear about this frustrating event. I wish it was different for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry. This is heartbreaking. And you have really had enough heartbreak recently. There has to be a way, somehow, somewhere...

Amelia said...

My heart just drops for you. I totally get it. In different reasoning though, no surrogates here. But yeah, the universe has apparently been sending a loud message to us that it's time to give up, that has taken me quite awhile to acknowledge.

I am beyond sorry.

Brianna said...

I'm so sorry. Thinking of you.

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