Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Down the Hatch

Because I have been completely lame about blogging from the moment I set foot in the hospital to give birth, and have failed to provide the kind of day-to-day updates I'd intended (or solicit smart advice from readers that could have saved some of the time I seem to woefully lack) I am now forced to summarize important topics like eating over the past eight months (baby H turned eight months on Saturday -- can you believe it?). Because that's what happens when you don't record everything.

So here goes. Eating. H started out as a great eater. He immediately got the whole thing, and our nursing challenges were never about intent or latching or any of that (issues were always supply meeting demand). We began supplementing with formula right in the hospital since his body weight dropped from the initial 8 lbs 9 oz to below 10 percent of that (I'll leave that math to people more equipped to handle it). After some trial and error we settled on Good Start Gentle Plus formula, which has been great for H as a supplement and then the sole milk product. Really no problems with it other than chronic spitup, which I really think is about him more than the formula, and has improved significantly over the past month or two.

Everything was pretty much chugging along (literally) until H started teething. He got his first two bottom teeth at the age of four months, and then in late August/September all four top teeth started coming in at once (actually, first the fangs started coming in alone, which was kind of hilarious looking -- but then the middle two filled in quickly). This seemed to impact his appetite, so between that and his propensity for easy distraction while eating, it seemed impossible to get any nutrition in him for a while.

We started solids (rice cereal -- Happy Bellies organic brown rice, to be exact) at four months, but we went probably more slowly than we should with introducing new foods -- so only at six months did we really start getting into it with him, offering a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. I guess was hesitant simply because there seemed to be so many different and conflicting points of view on the right approach (including within our single pediatrics practice, which provides two conflicting handouts for each age range on its website) that my brain kind of shut down as it does in situations of information overload. I was afraid of giving him the wrong thing.

Over the past month, though, we've really stepped it up and have introduced finger foods (which he really gets, thanks to all those teeth) in addition to a wide range of jarred (Earth's Best organic) baby food varieties. I've attempted to make him food myself but he has completely rejected it, apparently because I can't make it as thin and smooth as the jarred foods.

I guess at this point, I'm looking for ideas. I want to keep expanding his cuisine horizons but am not sure what else I can be giving him at this point. So here's a list of what we've done so far -- would love to hear what you're all giving (or gave) your babes at this stage, as well as any resources you've found particularly helpful ( is one site I've found moderately useful). Also, how quickly should I introduce more finger foods -- and what?

-Rice cereal (he will not eat oatmeal -- have tried two brands)
-Jarred fruits, veggies and meats
-Yogurt (Yo Baby)
-Egg yolks
-Canned pumpkin (which he loves)
-Veggie puffs
-Shredded mozzarella cheese
-Have also tried applesauce and smashed avocado, but he is not a fan -- I think texture bothers him.


anofferingoflove said...

have you tried chunks/cubes of avocado instead of mashed? that is a staple in my daughter's diet. she loves fruit, so she eats a lot of diced banana, watermelon, peaches, cantaloupe & pears. she also loves orange veggies, so i cube and steam (and freeze) carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash. she will eat, but is less fond of, broccoli, asparagus, & green beans.

E said...

My 9 month old loves the tee-tiny alphabet pasta (DaVinci); I can even add some tiny pieces of rotisserie chicken and a bit of parmesean -- yum!

mummydr said...

Both my boys were awful eater at the beginning. i was always very envious of friends kids who who eat anything. My second son refused solids until he was about 10 months. Texture was a huge issue for us. Gerber puffs were my saviour, but at a huge price as they're not sold here and I had to get a friend to send me 20 packets at a time. But they eat now and the challenges go on.

Amanda said...

You're father along than us. Do you have an immersion blender to use to make your baby food? They are really good at getting things creamy and smooth.

Anonymous said...

I was eating puffed millet the other day (due to the queasies) and thought that it was probably a great finger food for bubs- it is the right size and will melt in your mouth. Makes for a different grain option.

Nice to hear from you!

LMTRAN said...

rice cubes of tofu coscous quinoa bits of soft white fish (i.e. flounder) pastina cheerios (dissovle quickly) partially frozen bagel soft small dices of cooked carrots zwieback cookies

Roccie said...

Oh, law. I cannot remember. That is because I am an *awesome* mom. Ha.

I second the avocado. Really good for little brains. Get on this one. Toddlerina gobbles hers up.

Anonymous said...

We have been using a lot of Earth's Best jarred foods too, for the same reason. I've tried making food and pureeing it and she gags at any texture. She is 9.5 months now and just in the last week started accepting any chunks, and will eat gerber puffs now. I tried a stage 3 EB - chunky orchard fruit, and she liked it, so maybe I will try a few others.

I have tried little chunks of banana and avocado, and she acts like they are poison. I just tried yo baby last week and she wasn't thrilled about it until I mixed in a bunch of pears. I will have to try the pumpkin and shredded mozarella.

Keep us posted on new things that you try.

Jamie said...

Skeeter was really picky when it came to solids. I think he had an issue with texture as well. I tried to get him to eat an avocado just today and he spit it back out at me.

He loves bananas. And Cheeto puffs, unfortunately (thanks to my Dad). Scrambled eggs, buttered toast, pancakes, mac & cheese, cut up grilled cheese.

At one point, I was getting really frustrated because I would go through a lot of trouble to make him a nice little meal and he would refuse to even try a lot of it. So I started feeding him his usual pureed foods as a meal, then offering him bits of whatever I was having as a meal.

When I'm home alone, I'll make myself a Lean Cuisine for a quick lunch. There are a couple that Skeeter loves! It's a little embarrassing to admit I feed my child LCs, but it's a pretty balanced meal - noodles, chicken, vegetables. It was just a relief to see him eating something besides jars of baby food. Besides, I figure I'm already out for mother of the year anyway!

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