Friday, November 19, 2010

And Now I'm Pooped Too

An exhausting week. Husband in London = full-time baby duty minus sleep (mainly because I am a freak and have a hard time sleeping when he's not here). He's in his car on his way home now, and I'm kicking back with my US Weekly, thinking about which kind of red I'm going to have when he gets here with dinner.

Being on my own with the baby 24 hours a day gives me deep respect for single moms. I seriously do not know how they do it. I salute them, big time.

I know I don't say it -- or even think it -- enough, but I am incredibly lucky to have a partner who is truly a partner in this adventure called parenting. His absence on a week like this brings into stark relief all the things he does while he's here. I mean, yes, I manage the show -- I figure out what H needs to keep him alive and comfortable and give most of the stage directions. But he rolls up his sleeves and plays his part. And I can see that his being the dad he is makes me a better mom.


Jamie said...

I'm glad your Hubby will be home soon! When they're gone, you REALLY see just how much help they are.

That is a sweet sentiment about your husband. I hope he reads it :-)

Roccie said...

Tell me about it. I thanked him with a deep appreciation the first time he was gone for an extended amount of time.

True, he cannot seem to remember where the pants that fit her are in the closet, but he is a great dad.

It is a great thing to have a good partner.

Paula Keller said...

I don't know how people do it who don't have a supportive spouse, let alone single parents.

Glad you have a great partner and I hope he comes home soon so that you can rest.

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