Monday, November 15, 2010

The Other End

This is supposed to be a blog about parenting. Infertility, part deux keeps hijacking it.

Infertility is like a chronic condition. Even if I weren't considering another run, I think I'd still think about it -- a lot. As much as I try to think of myself as just another parent (pregnancy being some sort of equalizer), there are times when I'm reminded that it's different for me. Like when my mom friends start talking about whether it's better to try for a spring baby or a fall baby next time ("next time" being a foregone conclusion).

Anyway. I need a better balance here. So today, I'll be talking about the other great equalizer, poop.

Has anyone noticed their kid's poop has multiplied in scope and frequency since they increased solid feedings? We're now doing three solid meals a day with lots of variety, and for the past couple of weeks he's been pooping, like, 3-4 times per day. It seems like every time I go to get him after a nap or let him play by himself for a few minutes, there's a surprise waiting for me (and it's not wrapped in a little blue box). It feels like he's a newborn all over again, only this poop is not some innocuous, almost cute version of real poop -- it's more like real poop.

Sorry to be graphic.

Anyone else experiencing this? I called the pediatrician's office and was told to "keep an eye on it." As if I'm doing anything else. Is this normal?


Liana said...

Hahahahaha poop. We've just started our four and half month old on solids, you know, a new one every four days. Last week we tried sweet potatoes and he went from one poop a day to three, and I decided I was NOT ready for that, so I got rid of them and went to peas instead. How is so much of life now about someone else's poop? Hahahahahaha.

Roccie said...

Ah, poop. Now this subject takes away my stress. Our little struggled with constipation with solids for many months at first. I think the poop plan sounds more comfortable for the bebe.

Thanks for your support. Your comment showed a lot of insight and I appreciate it.

Jamie said...

The poop never ceases to amaze me. The quantity, the frequency, the colors. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Infertility is like a chronic condition. Being pregnant would be close to disastrous right now - Skeeter is barely one and my marriage isn't exactly on stable ground. But for some reason, each time CD 1 rolls around I'm disappointed. I just can't help it.

Amanda said...

We only get poop once or twice a day... unless he's constipate. As long as he's moving and it's not hard it's probably fine.

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