Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who Invited Her?

Okay, so to update you, I was so spectacularly not pregnant this cycle that I got my period on the first day of our vacation to Maine last week.

And in case you're yearning for details, while last month's was super brief and easy, like Aunt Flo just decided to stop over for tea and didn't want to impose, this time she was obviously in the mood to put her feet up on my coffee table and have a good long chat. It was like old school awful -- I even had cramps, and if I could have asked for a hall pass to go lie down in the nurse's office with a hot water bottle, I would have. All in all, I was a mess.

When you only go to the beach once a year, this is all really. Freaking. Annoying.

So basically? I feel sort of nostalgic for the days when AF only showed up under the influence of synthetic hormones. Especially since I'm not getting the feeling that having a regular cycle is going to produce the intended result.


anofferingoflove said...

ugh. she is such a b*tch!

Roccie said...

Dont let her hear me say this, but I am encouraged by the old bitch's strength. That shit has got to count for something.

I would love to be remote BFF. We could even honor the old school ways by walking in front of the other while whispering, "check and make sure I am ok" when AF is in the house. White pants patrol!

Jamie said...

Oh, yea. AF and her spectacularlly shitty timing. Classic!

Cotes in Amsterdam said...

Sucks on so many levels, egg. I'm sorry. Don't let it slow you down though~ it can happen!

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