Monday, July 22, 2013

Royal Joy

The royal baby was born today, and instead of bitterness over the blatant fertility on display (or envy over the Duchess' embarrassment of fashion riches at her disposal), what I thought today was that an adorable couple was expecting a baby, and it was everything that event is supposed to be: fun, exciting and bringing joy to a family, a nation and a fleet of admirers across the globe. It reminded me that although bringing a baby into this world, for me, will never be without a dark, murky underbelly, at its core it's about new beginnings and promise and hope, not only for the baby but for those who love him (or even fans from across the globe who are a little enraptured with the glamour and tradition of the royal family).

Thank you, Kate, for putting the fun back into it for me, vicariously, if only for a day. My wish for you is that in spite of the press corps, the hoopla, the restrictions of protocol, you get what every mama deserves, to relish all those magical first moments with your sweet little boy.


Turia said...

Me too. I have had so much sympathy for her ever since she had to be hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum and the press turned on her with "ooh, she's so posh, she can't cope with morning sickness". I am so very glad that all went well. I hope her birth experience was what she hoped for, and I'm so pleased they were able to outwit the press and get her to the hospital without anyone knowing, AND keep the birth secret for over four hours.

Caroline said...

This was a sweet post.

I didn't find myself bitter towards the couple. A nice young couple getting what we all want - a happy ending to a pregnancy, that's wonderful. I just can't stand all the people tearing up facebook with their comments that make me think they are BFF's with Kate or something.

Yay for babies and all that, but let's celebrate all of them - not just the royal ones.

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