Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Magic

Retrieval was Tuesday. Survived despite shaking like a small dog. My anesthesia phobia knows no end. Someday, if you give me enough wine, I may tell you about the bodily function horror that transpired.

But no matter. An impressive-for-age-37 18 eggs were retrieved, and of those 12 decided to try to become humans.

Now we wait. As they mature the team will make a clinical determination about whether they could handle the biopsy and freezer. All I can do is take Crinone (in case we need to pull the plug on screening and transfer instead) and hang out. For the record, with 12 embryos growing no one but me thinks it's even a possibility we won't have some good enough to test. I'm the one who pushed for the progesterone safety net.

Meanwhile, am relishing the victory of my beloved Sox. It doesn't have much to do with infertility, recurrent miscarriage or IVF, and that is one of the best things about it. But it does show that determination, belief in the face of bad odds and even switching up the management can sometimes make a little magic.


Turia said...

Oh good luck, Egg. I hope those embryos keep on trucking. Can they test them on Day 3, or do they have to commit to going to blast to be able to do the genetic testing?

FWIW, a friend on my birth club did her first round of IVF this past summer after she learned that she is a genetic carrier for a problem that makes any affected male fetuses incompatible with life. She has a daughter E.'s age, and chose to end a previous pregnancy at the halfway mark when they learned of the baby's problems.

She ended up with seven blasts that they froze. Five were affected with some sort of chromosomal issue, but two were perfectly healthy. She transferred one a couple of weeks ago, and is now pregnant with doubling betas.

FETs can work. And genetic testing can give some peace of mind.

Thinking of you, my friend.

Caroline said...

Let the waiting and hoping begin. God, I hope this is the start of a really great birth story.

Turia said...

By my calculations, today is transfer day if you went to blast. Just wanted to write and say I am thinking of you.

Roccie said...

Get this woman an FET! Stat!

Rock that 12 count. What great news, but I hear you on the progesterone backup. Great plan. That's gotta give you a peace of mind. Well, it would for normal people but we long ago gave up that title, I think.

Hold tight through the testing. I don't know exactly how long it takes, but anything longer than instant is way too fucking long.

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