Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wanna Be Startin' Something

Something was healthy. Five somethings, to be exact. On ice. Waiting.

So it took 18 eggs to make five healthy potential babies. If you buy into the whole concept here, we basically compacted a year and a half of reproductive effort into a single cycle and took the guaranteeed-fails out of the equation. Which means we may have saved ourselves a whole bunch of pain. Or maybe, with all the sudden possibility, maybe we're creating more pain in the end. Right now there's just no way to know. There's nothing to do but take the hormones and go in there and let them put them in, one at a time, until maybe one of them sticks and stays with us. Nothing to do but power through all the fear.

What am I afraid of?

I'm afraid it won't work. And I'm afraid it might.

I'm afraid I might not be good at letting all of it go, if I need to. And I'm afraid of being pregnant and of all the angst. Afraid I won't be able to stay above the fray, keep my head on straight through all the what ifs. You know.

But there's an available seat at our table and, as long as there's a legitimate shot in the offing, I need to try to fill it. So onward.

I'm on the Estrace. This is a new one for me -- did not take it for the fresh cycles for H. Not particularly enjoying the bloating or the crazy. Hold onto your hat if you're living under my roof right now.

All I have to say is, thank goodness for my girlfriends. Thank goodness for the lovely souls who ask where we're at and then listen to the long answers. Thank goodness for those with me in the trenches who know the shorthand. When I feel myself fast forwarding to worst-case scenarios and drifting to dark places I shouldn't go, I feel you huddling.


Turia said...

I have been watching and watching my Feedly to see your results. Five healthy embryos is wonderful. You know I wish with everything in my heart that one of them will stick and stay and be H.'s little brother or sister.

Caroline said...

The What If's are so hard. But Id imagine not getting an eventual answer to those - one way or another - and not even trying to fill that seat, would be even harder. Such a brave and scary endeavor for your family. I hope you're rewarded ten fold for that. Xo

anofferingoflove said...

im late to comment, but I'm always reading along, huddling here for you. 5 healthy embryos is awesome :)

Roccie said...

I love the idea of a huddle. I am so excited to see you continue with FIVE somethings.

You are right. Pregnancy is over rated.

Pregnancy is beautiful…. is what assholes say.

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