Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Not My Bag

When I was in my nesting phase, researching and gathering baby gear, I smugly decided that people who bought more than one diaper bag were misguided. Clearly, if you chose right, you could get one perfect bag that would hold everything and go with everything, and call it a day. So I did my requisite research and determined that the Skip Hop Studio bag was the end all, be all.

Two things ultimately sent this theory to the same place as my pre-baby theories that pacifiers are for wimps, you shouldn't send the baby to the nursery while in the hospital and newborn care can't be that stressful since they sleep most of the day. First of all, the bag is too mushy. It lacks structure, so basically all the myriad stuff you need to carry -- diapers, wipes, burp cloths, hats, bottles, your own wallet and keys, clothes, etc. etc. ad nauseum -- sort of ends up all smashed together in the bottom of the bag and you have to take everything out to find anything. And second, the thing is already ripping. I'm definitely not carrying anything inappropriate in it, like, say, the baby himself, but after just a couple of months of use the seams on the pockets are already shredding and it's starting to fall apart.

So. I'm in the market for a new bag. This new one still needs to look like a semi-normal bag that your former self would not be embarrassed to carry. It has to have interior pockets and some structure to it, to keep things in their place. And it has to be reasonably priced. I'm no longer working and I don't really want to spend a ton on a bag that will carry gear associated with poop and spitup.

Do you love your diaper bag? Do tell.


Ashley said...

I have a couple of bags...no name brands or anything;) 2 smaller monogrammed bags that I got for gifts. I use these when I don't need TONS of stuff. I also have an eddie baur bag that I got from babies r us that was reasonable and works well. Not much help...
Hope your sleep gets better also!! By the way we need some pics of your little one!!

Megs said...

I have a Vera Bradley bag that I really like a lot. Yea, they are a tad bit more expensive than others, but I absolutely love it! Lots of pockets inside and out, comes with a changing pad, and plenty of space. I love it :) Good luck with the new bag search!

Anonymous said...

I'm really not much help. We have a Skip Hop Duo Deluxe, which totally looks like a diaper bag. I wanted something that my husband wouldn't refuse to carry. It has worked fine for us (other than the fact that I pack it full of crap - anything we might possibly need goes in there), but it is certainly not stylish. Give us an update if you find the perfect bag!

Amanda said...

I have a Fleurville Sling Tote. I like it, but it is a bit small for cloth diapering, so it's probably great for using disposables. It's got structure and style. I'd recommend checking into them... you can get older prints cheaper or look on the FSOT boards at diaper swappers for a used one if you want a deal.

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