Monday, October 4, 2010

Banner Day

It was an interesting day.

Started with a drive into town for an ultrasound at a diagnostic center with 3D ultrasound equipment. It impressed me that it was a test I had not previously been acquainted with, having done what I thought was most OB/GYN procedures known to womankind at this point. I was not impressed with what I saw on the screen -- my fibroids (which was what my doctor was looking at in anticipation of my upcoming operative hysteroscopy) looked pretty average and I didn't see anything particularly special about the images. I mean, for a commute into the city and $11 in parking shouldn't they have provided a little entertainment?

Anyway I became quite wistful sitting in the waiting area among all the big bellies. And an abdominal ultrasound is just so anticlimactic when all you see is your own boring body parts. No little hands waving at you, no baby hiccups to see in action. It confirmed for me that I'm doing the right thing, exploring the possibilities around baby #2. I like thinking that I have that to look forward to again.

Ultrasound completed, I went on to my alma mater to exchange a t-shirt I'd bought a few weeks back when I visited campus with a good friend and fellow alumna. (Note to self: When buying a t-shirt that says "slim fit" at a store specializing in sizes for students nearly 20 years your junior, even size Large is laughing at you.) The wistfulness continued. Once you've reached a certain age, nothing makes you feel older than walking around your old college campus early in the school year when the fresh-faced incoming class is still buzzing around with all the hope in the world about the good things to come. Still, as I lugged my diaper bag around (H was at his grandparents' house but I was too lazy to switch purses -- don't judge me), I couldn't help but feel a little self-satisfied too. I mean, if I could talk to my own fresh face I'd tell her to just eat this time up. But I'd also tell her there's a heck of a lot of good to come much later. And also, she will someday be just so much smarter than she was at 18.

From there, I went on another long-overdue errand: I went for a bra fitting at a respectable underpinnings store like a real lady. I mean, I've been getting through life wearing a nursing bra because it's the only thing that currently fits (having graduated from my reliable 34B somewhere in the second trimester), and seriously, we simply can't have that any longer. I confirmed I am exactly the size I expected and bought one, perfectly fitting bra that did so much for my mood that I think there should be a nationally mandated bra fitting day.

After H was home for a while and went to bed, I ended the day catching up with a friend -- the kind of friend you miss if you don't talk for a few days -- over a civilized glass of wine.

On my mind the entire day: this news about Robert Edwards and his well deserved Nobel Prize. I blubbered as I heard NPR report on it this morning, on my way to the ultrasound. If it weren't for this guy...well, thankfully, we'll never know. But I'm glad he's around, and that he did what he did. What else can I say but thank you, Professor Edwards. Thank you.


anofferingoflove said...

i blubbered at that NPR report too! i started a blog post about it, but just couldnt think of what to say - you did it perfectly!

love the description of walking around campus :)

Roccie said...

Slim fit. I shudder at the thought. Thank jaw, when I was in college mighty big fit was popular. I did love the beer and pizza. Man, did it show.

I totally get your nostalgia. I was using all my restraint not to grab happy young girls and tell them THIS IS IT!

Drink it in, indeed.

Anonymous said...

It really started to frighten me when I went back to my campus the year after I graduated and realized that the incoming frosh looked like babies! I'm immune to it at my current campus as I've only ever been there as an adult, but I do love wandering around my undergrad uni getting nostalgic and weepy. :)

Was SO happy to hear the news about the Nobel. Like you, I wouldn't be where I am without Dr. Edwards. So grateful to see his work recognized.

Jamie said...

Isn't it amazing how good a great fitting bra can make you feel?

I'm with you on the slim fit shirts. I feel I should be able to pick up a large women's t-shirt with no question in my mind that it will fit. Sheesh. You can't depend on anything these days.

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