Monday, January 17, 2011

The Twelfth Month

So I'm afraid to say anything. Really afraid. I mean at that point, my superstitious mind warns, why not go grab a black cat and a ladder and open an umbrella inside. But let's just say I'm no longer on antibiotics and I'm not in the bathroom all day long, either. I would say things are still sorting themselves out in there, but overall I'm better. Whew. Big whew.

In other news, I learned last week that my first cousin (dads are brothers), who is also H's Godmother, has been diagnosed with PCOS, which I find interesting. I guess it doesn't surprise me to think that there may be a genetic component to it. She's hopped on the wagon with Clomid, which I think of sort of as the training bra of IF treatment. I mean, how wonderful it would be if this is it for her, if all she has to do is a couple of rounds of pill popping and hot flashing. But if not, if she's in for more, I am so happy that she has me. She'll have someone to call who's already been down the road. She has a Godson who is living proof that this works. I told her she is going to have a baby, there's no doubt in my mind, it's just a question of how painful and messy it's going to be on the way there. She's going to be a wonderful mother, and I hope it happens soon for her and for the other friends I have in the IF trenches right now. They all deserve the crazy joy of parenthood.

Meanwhile, just trying to stay busy and get out of the house every day despite the massive amounts of snow we have here in the northeast. I finally found H two coats that fit under the straps of his car seat (taking the coat on and off in the car in order to fit him in the seat was driving me seriously bonkers), including this one from LL Bean (I got him the carbon/grass color). Those who know me IRL know that I have a serious coat problem, as in I can't have too many of them, and now it seems I'm applying this to H as well. Not buying a bulky coat for a baby is just one of many lessons this parent learned too late. If anyone has found soft, waterproof boots that work in the snow for a baby H's age, do tell. I ordered a pair last week but they were way too big.

I'm also planning H's first birthday party which, incredibly, is just two weeks away. I don't have the space for a huge shindig so we're just having some family over for snacks and cake, including a smash cake for H. I can't wait to see his face.

I think this has been the most boring post ever, but I just wanted to say I'm still here, I'm seemingly healthy and just enjoying this last month of H's first, amazing year.


Amanda said...

I'm glad that you are getting better. I will knock on some wood over here for you.

I'm a bit stressed about the birthday thing too since we HAVE TO invite EVERYONE (I begged my husband to limit it to just grandparents and siblings but he's from a big family and doesn't get what the fuss is). That's means more than 40 people in my little house. We will have to use the garage to fit everyone it. I just hope warm enough and if it's not... blame it on my husband.

Celia said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that the comment you left on Bird and Squirrel is really helping me. I do feel greedy wanting another baby and at 36, I know I have to hurry up. My son is 10 months now and while I do not feel ready for another I am afraid that if I don't it will be even harder to get pregnant. I would love one more and for Peter to have a brother or sister. Fertiles never give it a second thought, but I feel like I am asking for two miracles. Anyhow, I try to remind myself that it is ok to want another, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are starting to feel better!
Your cousin is lucky to have you for support, knowing you got through it. I hope that the clomid works for her and that she is spared more intense treatments.

We had a hard time with coats too. I looked and looked to find one that isn't bulky but is still warm. I'll have to look at the link you posted because the one we ended up with is a cheap fleece lined coat from carters, but I don't think it's warm enough, although she seems fine and DH thinks I'm crazy for worrying about her. I would like ideas for shoes too. Since she isn't walking yet we usually end up taking her out in just socks, also because she won't keep any of the 3 pairs of shoes I bought for her on.

Yay for the birthday party! That will be so fun!

Amanda said...

I was trying to think of the name of the boots I saw the other day that might fit your needs. They are stonz boots and they are on baby steals today.

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