Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nail Biter

So of course this couldn't have been straightforward, 40 weeks of blissful nesting and pickle flavored ice cream eating. No. I'm going to have to work for this, whether it goes the distance or not.

I started bleeding on Christmas. I'd had a perfect scan two days before -- at 5w3d they saw an appropriately sized gestational sac as well as a yolk sac, which I was told was a bonus for that GA. They warned me I may have spotting from the scan, but I typically do not so I was surprised when later that afternoon I did have some light spotting. They told me not to worry so I didn't. Much. Until Christmas, when it started again, this time red and with some momentum behind it. I thought we were probably looking at bad news. Which really put me in the holiday spirit.

By the evening, though, it really had lightened. The doctor was reassuring when I reached her. The nurse the next morning suggested that I try to wait for my next scheduled scan, since another scan would just create a vicious circle of probing and bleeding. I agreed to try. I put myself on self-imposed bed rest.

Things were going swimmingly with that plan until Saturday, when I stood up after surfing online for info about stopping progesterone supplementation and felt an enormous gush. I went to the bathroom and felt what I was certain was the sac fall out of me. And a lot of blood. There you have it, I thought. That's it. I called the doctor again. My only options were to go to the ER and deal with the drunk Saturday night crowd or wait until Monday morning for a scan with her. Somehow, she did not think this was the end of the road, while I would have bet the house on it.

I made it to Monday -- schlepping H to the ER and sitting there for hours only to hear bad news sounded almost worse than the thing itself. I felt exactly as I did four years ago, waiting for bad news after H's pregnancy bleeding: bracing myself for impact as the truck hurtled toward me. 

Instead, she turned the screen toward me and pointed out the sac and the fetus, measuring 6w4d (I was 6w3d). I don't know how to drive this point home strongly enough: I could not believe it was true. Not like: Wow, that's unbelievable! More like: Literally, I do not believe you.

Questions remained. What came out of me (blood clots from laying down)? What is making me bleed (she saw what is possibly a small subchorionic hematoma, just as with H)? Why was there no heartbeat when I swear we saw one at that point with H (she swore up and down before even doing the scan that it was too early to see one)? Why must everything I do in the reproductive department be such a sh*& show (she could not answer this)?

The big scan is early next week. Until then, you'll find me at home, on the couch, being of no real value to anyone, willing the hours to go by and trying very hard not to freak out.


Amelia said...

Oh man, I'm sending light and love and tons of happy thoughts.

Turia said...

Oh man, Egg. Why can NOTHING be easy for you? Thinking of you, hoping and hoping and hoping for good news. xoxoxo

Turia said...

I was thinking- H. was a fresh transfer, right? And this one was a FET. That would be enough to explain the lack of heartbeat. I had a heartbeat with E. at 6w2d, but I know FETs are said to run several days (even a week) behind.

Caroline said...

Because of course. Ugh.... I'm so sorry it's not just blissfully smooth sailing. Hoping all goes well at your next appointment. Biting my nails with you

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it is so hard, but glad that the little one is still there. Bleeding in pregnancy is so scary. Hoping it goes away soon.

Mel said...

Sending good thoughts your way. Hoping for news of a great and non ambiguous scan soon.

Roccie said...

Holy shit. Your hb is that much sweeter! Crap I am sorry I missed this. I bet you were f terrified.

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